Tips On How To Improve Your Sleep Habits

We tend to think of sleep as a waste of time, but it’s a crucial resting period that allows the body and mind to recover and reset. While scientists are still puzzled by the intricacies of sleep, we know it’s vital for adults to get between seven and nine hours of snooze-time every night.

But how can you improve your sleep habits? Today we’re going to provide the best tips and tricks so you can feel rejuvenated.

Establish A Routine

Firstly, it’s important you establish a nightly bedtime ritual. Studies show that individuals who follow a regular regime have a better nights’ sleep. We recommend sipping on a bit of chamomile tea in the evening to get your body and mind into a relaxed state.

Next, gently wash your face with a purifying cleanser to remove built-up impurities. If you have a bit of extra time, run a hot bath and add two cups of Epsom salts to the water. Soak your body for about 20 to 30 minutes; the salts will draw out excess water and soothe sore muscles and joints.

 Choose The Right Clothes

It’s important to sleep in a cool environment with a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night when it’s hot, humid, and sticky.

We suggest selecting the right clothes that are going to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Our new loungewear collection is perfect for the summer months because we’ve ensured all pieces are made with quality blends of cotton and jersey. These fabrics will help you stay cool and dry so that you won't be waking up during the early hours of the morning.


Avoid Distractions

We’re all addicted to our phones, but it’s necessary to turn these devices off when we go to bed. The light from an iPhone is distracting and sends mixed signals to the brain, meaning it could take you longer to fall asleep. Don’t forget that an endless stream of content from your Facebook and Instagram accounts can keep you awake for hours.

We understand but that most people like sleeping with their phones, so we recommend putting it on a dresser that’s out of arm's reach and put the device on ‘do not disturb mode.’ This way, you won’t be bothered by texts and phone calls that could interrupt your beauty sleep. 

 Do Not Oversleep

Did you know that oversleeping could make you feel more tired and groggy? New research shows it can have a negative impact on your health, so talk to your doctor if you’re sleeping for more than 10 hours every night.

Remember, sleep is vital! Enjoy it to the fullest by checking out our comfortable loungewear and getting your hands on a Cozy and Curious pyjama set.