The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Unforgettable Summer Sleepover!

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to spend some quality time with your gal pals. So text the group chat and get ready to host an epic sleepover featuring karaoke, snacks, and a relaxing spa session!

Just Desserts

We've said it before, and we'll say it again; cookie dough is an essential component of all adult sleepovers. But instead of eating an entire tube of Pillsbury, we recommend preparing this egg-free version.

Essentially combine a bit of butter, sugar, flour, and vanilla extract and mix it all together. For the piece de resistance, sprinkle in a generous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies and let the dough refrigerate for about an hour. Your friends will thank us at the end of the night.


Delicious Cocktails

If it’s a balmy summer evening, it’s time to slip into something more comfortable and sip on a refreshing cocktail with the girls. Grab that old bottle of red wine you’re mom brought over and mix it with a generous amount of orange juice. Cut up a few slices of oranges and apples and add a few dashes of brandy. You can even throw in a bit of brown sugar to create a ruby-colored sangria beverage to quench your thirst!


Get Comfortable     

It’s not officially a sleepover unless everyone changes into their pajamas! But since we’re all adults here, let’s slip into some modern and comfortable loungewear courtesy of Cozy and Curious. The latest collection is stunning, and some of the newest pieces are perfect for just hanging around the house with your crew.

get comfortable

An Evening At The Spa

Do your friends need a little relaxation after a hectic week at the office? Treat your gal pals to a mini spa session at your home! Prepare a few homemade masks that restore hydration and elasticity to the skin.

Our favorite mask is a brown sugar scrub, which exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling moisturized and supple. Mix two tablespoons of dark brown sugar with equal parts of olive oil. Add a few drops of rose water leave the mixture on for 15 minutes before removing it with a warm cloth.



There’s nothing more cathartic than doing a bit of karaoke with your closest friends on a Friday night. If you’re on a budget, go on YouTube and search for instrumental versions of your favorite pop hits and play them on your television.

If you’re not a fan of the YouTube option, log onto your Netflix account and stream the film Mamma Mia! Belt out those classic ABBA hits until the neighbors bang on the walls. Plus, who doesn’t love a good rom-com featuring Meryl Streep?



You now have all the info necessary to create a fantastic adult sleepover with the girls on the weekend. Just don’t forget to wear your Cozy and Curious robes and pajamas for additional comfort and style! Check out the latest collection on our website and take advantage of our special on all robes by using the promo code ‘cozyrobes’ to get up to 40 percent off.