Summer Robe Trends 2018

 It's a relaxed Saturday evening, and you're getting ready for a romantic date night. After all, it's your one-year anniversary, and the plan is a cozy evening at home. After carefully applying a light layer of makeup and styling your locks, it's finally time to slip into the show-stopping outfit; a classy and luxurious robe.

You walk down the stairs, draped in a sexy robe and set your eyes on your lover. Yes – you're wearing a robe to dinner – this is not a drill. Several designers and brands have even introduced the robe as a form of outerwear. So, today, we're going to explore the 2018 summer robe trends for both style and loungewear.

 Designer Ambitions

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen robes everywhere, especially on the runway in Paris, Milan, and New York. There’s no doubt that robes have become the most popular garment in the fashion world, as celebs, influencers, and fashionistas have rocked the trend.

During the Spring 2018 Versace show, two models strutted down the catwalk wearing stylish bathrobes that featured butterfly prints. The was an ode to the late Gianni Versace’s 1995 Spring collection, which featured similar prints and designs.

Almost a week later, British pop star Rita Ora showed up on the red carpet of the MTV Europe Music Awards sporting a white Palomo Spain robe. She accessorized the look with a spa towel, a pair of heels, and millions of dollars worth of jewels from Lorraine Schwartz.

Following the Versace runway and Ora’s iconic appearance, Korean pop star CL appeared at the CFDA Awards wearing a giant robe by Vaquera. This look was applauded by the masses, and CL stated: "Chic pyjama sets and lingerie-inspired looks have officially transcended the boudoir in recent years.” So it looks like the robe is here to stay.

How Can You Rock A Robe

Not everyone can afford designer brands, so we recommend doing some online shopping or checking major retail outlets. For example, Cozy & Curious offers a vast range of stylish but affordable robes that are suited for all seasons.


We recommend selecting the right material. Most summer robes are typically a blend of polyester, but you can also find some that are made from silk, cotton, chiffon, or other types of natural and synthetic fibres.

Since it’s the summertime, make sure to choose thinner garments, as you don’t want to get overheated. If your robe is adorned with different patterns and colour schemes, don't forget to coordinate and accessorize.


If you're going for a classy and elegant look, select a subdued colour like pastel pink or blue. Accentuate the entire look by wearing minimal jewellery that compliments your skin tone and eye colour.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be a trendsetter. And, a classy robe can be the perfect outfit whether you're going out or enjoying a romantic evening in. If you're ready to explore the latest robe trends, check out Cozy & Curious and experience the comfort and style of our collection!

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