🎀Be Brave-Let's beat this together!💗

I’m Kate Lavut, I’m an artist and writer with 2 children. In my daily life, I make longer form comic books and graphic novels for young adults. All my comic books are true stories about life, family, love and hope.

In 1997, I was a teenager and having just finished high school decided to do something totally different. That’s when I decided to chop off my hair and dress as a boy. I wanted to see how people treated me differently and not just be always judged as a pretty girl. I jumped on a bus and rode across Canada, through the United States to Mexico. During my trip I kept writing a diary of my experiences. Later on I made the comic book called “CHICO”, this is a true story about a teenager who defies her parents, shocks friends and disguises as a member of the opposite sex.

Right now, I’m working on the comic called “CONTENTS REMOVED”, which is the story about my experience with breast cancer. It all started in 2015 when I went date with my husband to the park and discovered a lump there. It turned out I had stage 3 aggressive breast cancer. Everything went really quickly and within 10 days I had started chemotherapy. It was a really huge event and throughout my family really helped me to keep up my enthusia, to smile, to go for a walk every day.

Writing has helped me to deal with my story, to take it out of my own life and put it somewhere else. And to be able to share with others who are going through the same experience and bring a bit of humour into the tragedy of having breast cancer.

At one point I put a photograph of my radiation burns on Facebook and it quickly got taken off. Still, the photo went viral and was shared around the world and this is where the idea of Contents Removed came from.

I’m Kate, I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor. Be brave; Be positive; Have the courage to be who you are.